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Black Faux Snake Card Case Wallet

Black Faux Snake Card Case Wallet

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• Designed to hold Credit Cards, Identification Cards, Business Cards, Name Badges, Hotel Key, Money or any essential small item you need with you. 
• Includes:  Card Case and Spring Hook. 
• Multiuse, slim, four slots for card case is designed to hold a maximum of 8 cards or a combination of cards and cash, as well as any small item. 
• The spring hook offers the flexibility to attach the card case wallet where needed.

• Dimensions: 
-Wallet: 2.79” x 4.13” x 0.19”
-Spring hook: 1.25” long 
• Weight
- 0.7 oz.
• Made in Mexico 

Effortless and compact way to your cards and needed items with you when you are on go.